• Storm Chaser – Jenny Hagan
    Jenny Hagan is a storm chaser who also happens to be an award-winning and nationally published photographer from small town Eatonia, Saskatchewan. We talk about how her love for storms started as a young child and how her daughter has … Read more
  • #PhotographicAwe – Kahli
    Episode Five – Northern Latitudes: Find Your Way PodCast Kahli is a landscape, night and travel photographer originally from Australia. Having lived in many countries around the world, Kahli now calls the Canadian Rockies home…most of the time. Kahli and … Read more
  • Fencing Mother Nature In…
    This is the first in what I’m hoping will be a series of ten posts about single images from the past decade – this first one is from a trip to the Toronto Zoo in 2010. A little background story … Read more
  • Choose to Look
    This is the first in what I’m hoping will be a series of twelve (or so) posts about single images from the past year. A little background story to the images and why they are important to me. It’s the … Read more
  • When the Wright Decision Is Discretion
    Caution is preferable to rash bravery. Falstaff. King Henry the Fourth, Part One, William Shakespeare. The Adirondacks can be relentless. Then at the same time, rewarding. Like life sometimes they can throw myriad challenges towards you in just hours, even … Read more
  • Wright Mountain, Wrong Day
    Tired of feeling lost, tired of letting go.Tear the whole world down, tear the whole world down.Failure. “Failure” – Breaking Benjamin Failure. It’s an ugly word. From the Anglo-Norman French failer it’s one of those words in our language that … Read more
  • Cascade & Porter
    Climbing in the ADK or it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye or in my case a contact…. Of the Adirondack 46ers (mountains with elevations of 4600 feet or greater – some people collect them like hockey … Read more
  • Northern Edges – Butze Rapids Trail
    Just outside Prince Rupert the Butze Rapids trail is a 5.5 kilometre loop trail that offers a little bit of everything. Temperate rain forest? Check. Seaside vistas? Check. Towering cedars and pines? Check. Reversing tidal rapids? Check. You get the … Read more
  • Northern Edges – Day 8: By Land to Sea
    Summary – Time of Departure: 0700hTime of Arrival: 1500h Distance: 411 km The quickest way to turn a less than five-hour drive through the mountains into an eight-hour drive? Bring along a photographer. This section of the Trans-Canada starting near … Read more
  • Northern Edges – Birches
    The greatest things about photography and driving adventures are the same. The unexpected around the corner. Or in this case alongside the road. Just west of South Hazelton on an otherwise nondescript stretch of the Trans Canada highway this suddenly … Read more
  • Northern Edges – Day 7: Rearguard Action
    Summary – Time of Departure: 0700hTime of Arrival: 1600h (+1)Distance: 681 km Another time zone under the belt. The drive from Jasper to Houston very quickly becomes a drive through rolling foothills, pasture land and farms but before that, it … Read more
  • Northern Edges – Day 6: Animals, Animals, Animals!
    Summary – Time of Departure: 0700hTime of Arrival: 1500hDistance: 608 km After spending a couple of days with the grandkids it was back to the road and a trip to four of my favourite places all within one day. Elk … Read more
  • Northern Edges – Day 3
    Summary – Time of Departure: 0700hTime of Arrival: 2030h (+1h)Distance: 1271 km The longest driving day of the trip but thanks to an excellent night of exhausted sleep a breeze compared to the day before. Even a rather grey day with … Read more
  • Northern Edges – Day 2
    Summary – Time of Departure: 0700hTime of Arrival: 1930h (+1h)Distance: 1169 km Some travel days are tough. Today was one of those days. The weather mostly good trending towards sunny. A stop in Lake Superior Provincial Park to visit the … Read more
  • Northern Edges – Day 1
    Summary:Time of Departure: 0710hTime of Arrival: 1810hDistance: 848 km The weather for the most part cooperative. A little damp, a little foggy and even a very brief appearance by the sun. A scheduled stop in Blind River for some images … Read more
  • Pictures of Migration
    Another trip, another adventure soon to start so of course that means pictures. Lots and lots of pictures – so that also means this year a new camera and lens. Long lenses take a bit of getting used to what … Read more
  • Fishing For Spring
    The ever present ice fishermen in these parts hand on until the bottom literally drops out on them. I’m always amazed by their dedication to the task at hand and the amount of risk they are willing to accept in … Read more
  • Snowshoeing in the ADK
    Snowshoeing is not new to me let’s call it reintroduced…. So striking out and up an even, a relatively small, mountain may not have been the best way to get back into things. But there I was early on a … Read more
  • Fire Before the Storm
    Winter rolls on. A storm, the worst of the winter so far (according to the forecast), is set to roll through Eastern Ontario in the next 24 hours or so. The old saw, “Red in the morning, sailors take warning..”, … Read more
  • Winter: Coming or Going?
    Well in the past seven days, winter certainly arrived here in Eastern Ontario. That it took until third week in January becoming more and more the norm these days. Another thing that is increasingly common, based entirely on anecdotal evidence … Read more