Bill Ault…

I’ve always been drawn to images and making images. Photography, especially modern photography has made it so easy to do.

Bill in Iceland – Fall 2017

My first photographs were of the small creek and sites around the house in Eastern Ontario where I grew up and forty years later that same part of the planet still provides almost daily inspiration to capture a moment, some colour or a pattern.

One photo taken when I was 14 or 15, and which I still have, set the tone for every picture I’ve taken since. Mid-summer day, the bluest sky is reflecting in what water is left in a pool by the crossing behind the house and the cat-tails surrounding it are the greenest green. Kodachrome colour film. Still my goto finished look.

These days I shoot RAW and draw out the colours in post-processing but that 4×6 drug store print sets the standard of how I want my images to “feel” not just appear.

I’m now fortunate that I’m afforded a bit of time to travel so my horizons and my photography have stretched a great deal over the past decade or so.

My love of nature, concern for the planet and old fashioned curiosity all come together wherever those travels take me and I attempt, but don’t always succeed in capturing images that reflect where I am.

Northern Latitudes

Mostly photography both daily and travel, a little concern for the planet writing when I’m so minded and a touch of music commentary and sharing but always personal – that’s Northern Latitudes.

The site gives me the chance to share my efforts to an audience that might not otherwise get to go some of the places I travel and see a few of the many special places and things that are out there.

I’ve started the site with 2018 but will travel both forward and backward in time to fill in the gaps. There are trips to Alaska and Iceland in 2017 that were pretty awe inspiring.


My equipment is pretty low key. An entry level Nikon 3400 DSLR and a Samsung S8 Phone captured 99% of the images from 2018 contained in this site. Prior to that it was a Sony a290, which died a painful death in Iceland… and even further in the past a Canon. (Any other images are not mine and are photo credited). In post production I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for phone images I process on the phone using Snapseed.

Image Usage

Feel free to contact me about using any of my images. By the end of January 2019 I’m hoping that I’ll have online image purchasing and licensing set up but until then drop me a line and we’ll figure it out.


Days End – Named a Youpic.com “Inspiration” photo. 2019.01.30
Jökulsárlón – Named a Youpic.com cover for Landscapes 2019.01.21
Last Stand – Named a Youpic.com “Inspiration” photo. 2018.10.01
Early Winter – Named a Youpic.com “Inspiration” photo. 2018.11.01
Superior Sunset – Named a Youpic.com “Inspiration” photo. 2018.05.01

Icefields – Top 100 photo in “Without Humans” Challenge. 2018.08.08
and Four-time “Guru Pick” award winner at Gurushots.com.

Superior Sunset – Won the “Community Choice Award” on ViewBug.com 2018.11.30
Bonus Lake – Won Peer “Choice Award” on Viewbug.com 2017.11.30
A total of 172 Peer Awards on Viewbug.com.

Into the Sun – named Colour Feature Photo on Aminus3.com 2018.07.22
In the Shadow of Giants – was Colour Feature Photo on Aminus3.com 2018.03.13
Seeing For Miles – was named Feature Photo on Aminus3.com 2018.08.09