Picking favourites for me is never easy. Never.

This year for me was even more difficult as I was fortunate to cross North America from one ocean to the other and cross a large number of bucket list places off.

Favourites don’t necessarily mean technical perfection or Canadian Geographic awe inspiring – although I hope I come close at least occasionally. They might be either of those or even both or more likely I just like them because of where I was, what I was doing or even who I was with. Although if you know me at all that last one is very rare.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter you may have seen many if not most of these before but hopefully, even for you, there are a couple of new ones and a little back story to go with most.

Without further delay and in no particular order…

Tempest on the Beach

Pacific Shores – Sometimes Not Knowing Where You’re Going Is Good

Turned To Stone – The Petrified Forest

Desert Heat – Joshua, Mojave & Death

Fall Colours & Atlantic Shores