• Storm Chaser – Jenny Hagan
    Jenny Hagan is a storm chaser who also happens to be an award-winning and nationally published photographer from small town Eatonia, Saskatchewan. We talk about how her love for storms started as a young child and how her daughter has … Read more
  • How To Be A Climate Optimist – Chris Turner
    In this episode, I interviewed Chris Turner, author of the book “How to Be A Climate Optimist”. In his book, Chris explores how we can approach the climate crisis with a positive outlook and offers practical solutions for creating a … Read more
  • Cut More Than CO2 to Save Planet
    Slashing emissions of carbon dioxide by itself isn’t enough to prevent catastrophic global warming, a new study shows.
  • The Canadian Government Has Committed Over $500 Million To Fight Wildfires In 2022
    The Government of Canada has announced its next steps in supporting communities hit by wildfires, including new measures for this year’s fire season and for seasons to come.  These initiatives include commitments in the areas of financial assistance, emergency response … Read more
  • A Good War – Seth Klein
    Episode Eight – Northern Latitudes: Find Your Way PodCast Seth Klein joined me to talk about his book A Good War, the latest Government targets for emissions and why regionalism is a barrier to fighting climate change in a country … Read more
  • Wildfire Management – Andrew Base
    Episode Four – Northern Latitudes: Find Your Way PodCast In this episode guest, Andrew Base and I discuss the past present and future of wildfire management in Canada. Andrew is an Initial Attack Incident Commander for the Aviation, Forest Fire, … Read more
  • #climatebrawl – Gerald Kutney
    Episode Three – Northern Latitudes: Find Your Way PodCast In this episode guest, Gerald Kutney and I discuss climate change denialism, the politics of oil and the Ottawa protest… Gerald is a commentator on MSM and social media on the … Read more
  • Time Is Running Out
    Taking action now can secure our futureBERLIN, Feb 28 – Human-induced climate change is causing dangerous and widespread disruptionin nature and affecting the lives of billions of people around the world, despite efforts to reduce the risks. People and ecosystems … Read more
  • Bill Gates Is Giving Every Student In The World A Copy Of ‘How To Avoid A Climate Disaster’
    Beginning this week, Bill Gates will give every college and university student around the world a free digital copy of his best-selling book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need.
  • Canadian Wildfires: What It Means for Canada’s Future and Extreme Weather Events
    The recent wildfires in British Columbia, Manitoba and Northern Ontario are sparking conversations about what it means for Canada’s environmental future. The recent wildfires have been devastating cities in Canada as special air quality statements are issued more frequently. What exactly does this mean for Canada?
  • Young Canadians Can Now Apply To First Ever Environment and Climate Change Youth Council
    Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) are inviting Canadians between the ages of 18 and 25 to apply to become a member of the first ever Environment and Climate Change Youth Council (ECCYC).
  • Government of Canada invests over $3 million in climate action and awareness for young Canadians
    Canadians want cleaner air and cleaner water for their children and grandchildren. When companies pollute our natural environment, they pay the price and the Government of Canada ensures that environmental good follows environmental harm by investing those fines in projects that benefit the environment.

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