Northern Edges – Day 2

Summary –
Time of Departure: 0700h
Time of Arrival: 1930h (+1h)
Distance: 1169 km

Some travel days are tough. Today was one of those days.

The weather mostly good trending towards sunny. A stop in Lake Superior Provincial Park to visit the Old Woman on the Bay always one of my favourite places on this trip.

The “Old Lady” is a stunning vista a long peninsula sticking out into the lake with the unmistakable profile of a lady looking out across the water. A beautiful sandy beach – it’s always a must stop and today the clouds moving in over the long arm of land push the appeal even a level higher… but still.

Something was just off. Stomach a little upset, a lousy night of near sleep a bad combination. Even the music was putting me off I mean there are literally thousands of songs in the rock music why do music stations insist on a library of less than 200 songs? See I told you it was a bad day – I was more than a little cranky, even the music was ticking me off.

Mid way through the afternoon I get a text from “Audrey” who is charge of my sleeping space for the night at the Brewer’s Inn in Kenora asking for an approximate time of arrival – I appreciated it. About an hour later on a pit stop I responded thinking that’s a nice touch.

I roll in at about 1930 local time, pretty much when predicted, find the place locked, start to feel the angst rise, then notice the sign saying call this number, which I do and 30 seconds later I’m checking in with one of those people you just enjoy meeting on days like this.

Audrey is one of those people who within ten seconds seems like an old friend and seems genuinely interested in who you are and what you are dooing, “Here’s some suggestions for breakfast, where you headed? Really? Wow! That’s on the bucket list for sure.” Genuine excitement from someone else about your upcoming adventure always soothes the travelling blues.

The next bit was the room itself – stunning – high ceilings, a beautiful living area etc. etc. The video speaks for it. Highly recommended and a stunning relief for a weary travel.