Eye to Eye With Lynx – Brandon Broderick

Journey Through the Lens with Brandon Broderick

Episode Summary: In this episode of “Northern Latitudes,” we sit down with the Canadian Geographic Photographer of the Year, Brandon Broderick. Join us as we discover the stories, challenges, and triumphs behind his award-winning photography and how he captured the stunning photograph of a Lynx that won him the award.

Host: Bill Ault Guest: Brandon Broderick, Canadian Geographic Photographer of the Year

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The inspiration behind Brandon Broderick’s passion for photography and his journey to becoming the Canadian Geographic Photographer of the Year.
  • A look at his photography expeditions.
  • The technical aspects of outdoor and wildlife photography, including gear recommendations and tips for beginners.
  • Insights into Brandon’s creative process and how he captures the essence of Canada’s diverse landscapes.
  • Brandon’s thoughts on conservation and the role of photography in promoting environmental awareness.

Featured Photographs:

  • Direct link to Lynx Image

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Connect with Brandon Broderick:

  • Instagram: [@brandonbroderick]
  • Facebook: [Brandon Broderick Photography]

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Special Thanks: A heartfelt thank you to Brandon Broderick for sharing his journey and insights with us. And as always, thank you to our listeners for tuning in and supporting “Northern Latitudes.”