7 Summits Snacks Partners with NL Film Festivals

Press Release


Northern Latitudes Film Festival Welcomes Seven Summit Snacks as a Supporting Partner

[Brockville, Ontario February 20th, 2024] — The Northern Latitudes Film Festivals, a premier event presenting unique outdoor films is excited to announce a partnership with Seven Summit Snacks, a company at the forefront of producing nutritious, adventure-ready snacks. This collaboration marks a significant step in aligning the festival with brands that share its ethos of exploration, sustainability, and the celebration of the natural world.

Seven Summit Snacks, known for their commitment to quality and eco-conscious practices, will be supporting the festival as a key partner, providing attendees with a taste of their energy-packed, sustainably sourced snacks. This partnership not only enhances the festival experience for all attendees but also reinforces the festival’s message of environmental stewardship and the spirit of adventure.

Highlights of the Partnership:

Fueling Adventure: Attendees of the Northern Latitudes Film Festivals will enjoy complimentary Seven Summit Snacks, offering a perfect complement to the adventurous and inspiring stories told on screen.

Sustainability at the Forefront: The partnership emphasizes both organizations’ dedication to sustainability, from Seven Summit Snacks’ eco-friendly packaging to the festival’s initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental footprint.

A Statement from the Festival Director:

“We are delighted to welcome Seven Summit Snacks as a supporting partner for this year’s Northern Latitudes Film Festival. Their passion for adventure and commitment to sustainability perfectly aligns with the themes of our festival. This partnership will not only elevate the festival experience by providing our audience with high-quality, nutritious snacks but also help us to spotlight important conversations about conservation and the great outdoors. We look forward to an inspiring collaboration that brings our shared values to life,” said Bill Ault, Director of the Northern Latitudes Film Festival.

From the Founder of Seven Summit Snacks:

“We are thrilled to partner with the Northern Latitudes Film Festival, an event that resonates deeply with our brand’s ethos of adventure and sustainability. This partnership is an exciting opportunity for Seven Summit Snacks to connect with like-minded individuals who share our passion for exploration and the great outdoors. We believe in the power of film to inspire action and awareness, and we are proud to support this incredible platform for filmmakers and adventurers alike,” said Kristyn Carriere, Founder of Seven Summit Snacks.

About the Northern Latitudes Film Festivals:

The Northern Latitudes Film Festivals are an annual event that showcases films and stories from all corners of the globe to promote positive values and active lifestyles. The festivals are a platform to provide audiences with unique insights into cultures, perspectives, and storytelling from around the globe.

About Seven Summit Snacks:

Seven Summit Snacks is a leading innovator in the health food industry, offering a range of snacks designed for the adventurous spirit. With a focus on sustainability, quality, and fueling outdoor endeavors, Seven Summit Snacks is committed to supporting those who seek to explore and preserve the natural world.


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For more information, please contact:

Northern Latitudes Film Festival

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