One Step Closer to the Highly Anticipated Calgary-Banff Passenger Train

The highly anticipated passenger train between Calgary and Banff has moved into the development stage. Since the 1990 closure of the ViaRail corridor, these two tourism hotspots have not been accessible by train, causing highway and mountain road congestion and a substantial environmental impact. The Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Transportation has joined forces with Invest Alberta Corporation and the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) to fund the project, with additional private investors coming forward to back the proposal.

The Best DEET-Free Bug Repellent in 2021

The mosquito is one of Canada’s most reliable summer species. Canada has over 82 different species of mosquitoes, with a total population that would never show on a calculator. Scientists believe that mosquitos originated from South Africa, and slowly spread across the world to reach a whopping variation of 2,700 species. Regardless of the size of Canada’s mosquito diaspora, we all know that mosquitos are one of the best party-crashers to summer activities.