Canada Post’s New Stamp Series Brings Awareness To Endangered Whales

Canada Post is issuing a set of stamps this week to raise awareness about the plight of five whale species that have populations assessed as Endangered by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). Canadian waters are home to a remarkable diversity of whales, with more than 30 species. Sadly, some whale populations …

Arc’teryx Adds New Hiking Boot

the Aerios AR mid GTX Boot New to the Arc’teryx lineup for Spring 22, is the Aerios AR Mid GTX boot. Designed for comfort in motion, the Aerios AR backpacking boot delivers support and protection with outstanding freedom of movement for multi-day backpacking journeys. The unexpected demands of backpacking put hikers through the elements: ladders, deep …

The 5 Best Tents for Camping Beginners

Tent-camping is an unmatched experience when it comes to spending time outdoors. There’s a tent suited for every climate, terrain, and condition imaginable (including cliff-side camping). While it might be obvious that a novice camper won’t be needing a cliff cabana tent anytime soon, there are still so many options to choose from. Tent set-up and take-down can quickly become overwhelming, so it’s important to make sure that the tent you choose has all of the features needed to make you feel comfortable, but is basic enough to not cause too much frustration. Here’s some of our top choices for Canadian camping for beginners.

The Best DEET-Free Bug Repellent in 2021

The mosquito is one of Canada’s most reliable summer species. Canada has over 82 different species of mosquitoes, with a total population that would never show on a calculator. Scientists believe that mosquitos originated from South Africa, and slowly spread across the world to reach a whopping variation of 2,700 species. Regardless of the size of Canada’s mosquito diaspora, we all know that mosquitos are one of the best party-crashers to summer activities.