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Amazing Destinations: Jacques-Cartier National Park, Québec

October 12, 2021

Jacques-Cartier National Park boasts one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Quebec. The Jacques Cartier River Valley, the most prominent glacier landform, serves as one Canada’s best stages for fall scenery.

The Park is open year-round, though the availability of activities and facilities vary. Entrance fees are $8.90 per adult per day. The park is free for youth under 17.

Sunflower Farms, Like BC’s Lakeland Flowers, Were A Hit This Summer

September 8, 2021

pick flower farm, with over 100,000 blooms each week. The farm began it’s 8-week season of sunflowers, on July 10th, and tickets cost only $10 for access to the fields and 5 pre-cut sunflower stems. As the season begins to wind down, the farm is offering 10 flowers at admission. 

B.C.’s Black Bears Are Suffering From Our Lack Of Awareness, Says North Shore Non-Profit

September 5, 2021

BC stands for bear country, but the majority of Vancouver’s residents and tourists don’t understand the nature of black bears, why they venture into urban areas, and what happens when they are reported. A North Shore organization is urging Vancouver’s residents and visitors to approach co-existence differently, in order to get a different result: improved awareness, and a larger commitment to keeping bears safe by keeping them out of urban areas. 

Canadian Wildfires: What It Means for Canada’s Future and Extreme Weather Events

August 20, 2021

The recent wildfires in British Columbia, Manitoba and Northern Ontario are sparking conversations about what it means for Canada’s environmental future. The recent wildfires have been devastating cities in Canada as special air quality statements are issued more frequently. What exactly does this mean for Canada?

Demand for Camping Equipment Boomed During the Pandemic, But May Continue to Rise. Here’s Why

August 18, 2021

The pandemic has caused many markets to boom (and some to bust). Camping equipment is understandably on the rise, and reports say this boom will continue through to 2023. Here’s…

Young Canadians Can Now Apply To First Ever Environment and Climate Change Youth Council

August 3, 2021

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) are inviting Canadians between the ages of 18 and 25 to apply to become a member of the first ever Environment and Climate Change Youth Council (ECCYC).