Northern Latitudes: Wings of Survival

Northern Latitudes Podcast: Episode Title – “Wings of Survival “

Host: Bill Ault

Guests: Leanna Carriere and Timm Timm Döbert

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Northern Latitudes, host Bill Ault takes listeners on an extraordinary journey with guests Leanna Carriere and Timm Dobert. The duo shares their plans for a remarkable self-propelled trip from Alaska to the tip of South America, a journey that became the foundation of their upcoming documentary, “Wings of Survival.” This episode delves into the challenges expected, the planning involved, and the lessons looking to be learned about human endurance, nature’s power, and the essence of adventure.


“Wings of Survival” Documentary Website

Behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews

Conservation efforts and how to get involved.

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A huge thank you to Leanna Carriere and Timm Timm Döbert for sharing their journey with us. And to our listeners, thank you for embarking on this adventure with us. Your support makes stories like these possible.

Tune in next time for another episode of Northern Latitudes. Safe travels, everyone!