Northern Latitudes: Marcy Mahr – Kootenay Connect Project

Today’s guest is Marcy Mahr, currently the Kootenay Conservation Program’s Kootenay Connect Manager.

Marcy is a conservation ecologist with a lifelong passion to preserving and understanding the natural world. Her work spans several critical projects, but one that stands out is her involvement with the KCP.

This innovative initiative is making waves in the realm of environmental conservation by fostering connectivity and protecting biodiversity in the Kootenay region.

The Kootenay Connect Program is a comprehensive conservation initiative focused on preserving biodiversity and enhancing habitat connectivity across the Kootenay region. By identifying critical areas for wildlife and implementing targeted conservation strategies, the program aims to ensure the mobility and health of species within diverse ecosystems.

It emphasizes collaborative efforts with local communities, indigenous groups, and stakeholders, integrating scientific research, education, and sustainable development practices.

The ultimate goal to foster resilient ecosystems and promote a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, and serve as a model for conservation efforts worldwide.

Kootenay Connect webpage

A comprehensive report that features a tour of all 12 Kootenay Connect Corridors that comprise a regional network of connected landscapes — available on our webpage and also here

An 8-part webinar series Wildlife Corridors and Ecological Connectivity designed by Marcy.

Access the recordings on KCP’s 2024 Winter Webinar Series webpage.