NL Biz Podcast Episode: Scaling Peaks in Business and Nutrition with Kristyn Carriere

Host: Bill Ault

Guest: Kristyn Carriere, Founder of Seven Summits Snacks

Today, we’re thrilled to have Kristyn Carriere, one of the trailblazing founders of Seven Summits Snacks, join us. Seven Summits Snacks is revolutionizing the way we think about nutrition and energy on the go, with a focus on supporting those who aim to conquer their own summits.

Episode Highlights:

  • The Journey Begins: Kristeyn shares the inspiration behind Seven Summits Snacks.
  • Formulating Success: Discover the unique process behind creating nutrition-packed snacks that cater to adventurers and health-conscious individuals alike.
  • Scaling New Heights: Kristeyn discusses the growth of Seven Summits Snacks, from a local startup to a brand looking to expand across borders.
  • Sustainability on the Summit: Learn about the company’s commitment to sustainability and how they’re ensuring their products not only fuel adventures but also protect the planet.
  • Challenges & Triumphs: Kristeyn opens up about the hurdles faced along the journey and how overcoming them has shaped both her personal and professional growth.
  • Advice from the Summit: For aspiring entrepreneurs, Kristeyn shares invaluable advice on resilience, innovation, and the importance of community support in the business world.
  • What’s Next for Seven Summits Snacks: A sneak peek into the future, including new product lines and initiatives aimed at empowering individuals to reach their peak performance.

Kristeyn’s journey with Seven Summits Snacks is a testament to the power of vision, perseverance, and innovation. Her story is not just about creating a successful business but about inspiring others to chase their dreams, no matter how high they may seem.

About Seven Summit Snacks:

Seven Summit Snacks is a leading innovator in the health food industry, offering a range of snacks designed for the adventurous spirit. With a focus on sustainability, quality, and fueling outdoor endeavors, Seven Summit Snacks is committed to supporting those who seek to explore and preserve the natural world.



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