Working the Water

CCGS Griffon bringing the buoys out of the waters of the St. Lawrence today. One of the colder days we’ve had.

CCGS Griffon is a Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) High Endurance Multi-Tasked Vessel and Light Icebreaker stationed in Prescott, Ontario, Canada.[ The CCG classes her as a “High Endurance Multi-Tasked Vessel – Light Icebreaker”. Completed in 1970, Griffon is currently in active service. The ship provides icebreaking services along eastern Lake Ontario and upriver along the St. Lawrence River to Montreal.
Design and description
Griffon displaces 3,096 tonnes (3,413 short tons) fully loaded, with a gross register tonnage of 2,212 tons and a deadweight tonnage of 786 tons. The ship is 71.3 metres (233 ft 11 in) long overall and 65.2 metres (213 ft 11 in) with a beam of 15.1 metres (49 ft 6 in) and a draught of 4.73 metres (15 ft 6 in).
The ship is rated as Arctic Class 2, and has an endurance of 90 days with
a crew of 25.

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