On a New Year’s Eve that will mark the completion of my 56th year on the planet got thinking about the passage of time.

All I can say about time is kids when the elder people in your life say it just keeps going faster – listen. Not only are they correct they are telling you to get on with it, get it done and revel in it whatever your it is.

Ever sense mankind had a sense of self and likely a sense of time along with it we have marked that passage with the rising and setting of the sun. Weeks, months, seasons and years come and go but our inner clock and sense of time is calibrated each day when that glow appears in the east and fades in the west.

I’m fortunate. Every day the sun rises in front of my house across an expanse of rural fields that allows one to see if not to the horizon at least to the point that the view of the sun creeping over the horizon is there for you to see in all its glory. And it is glorious. Every day. (The gallery above are all phone shots from my place.)

I’m doubly fortunate in that I occasionally capture this event in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Here’s a small collection of those that caught my eye in 2018.

The shadows we leave behind
Leave no mark on the things they grace
But the shadows left behind
Are etched on the souls of those embraced.

In the early brightest bright
They stretch and reach forward upon
Then early night and dimming light
They’re reaching back and holding on.

The shadows left behind.

William F. Ault

Sometimes it’s about freezing for twenty to thirty minutes hoping that the sun does what you think it’s going to do when it hits the horizon.

Agawa Bay, Ontario – Sunset

Sometimes it’s not even about looking at the sun directly but where the light from the sun is falling. As these images show. Cadillac Mountain, Cathedral Ledge and the Mojave Desert.

Sometimes it’s about being in the right place at the right time even if it is a bit serendipitous and unplanned. Like the two below from a beach on the Pacific in Oregon.

Florence Beach, Oregon – Sunset I
Florence Beach, Oregon – Sunset II

The sometimes a place you’ve been a dozen times, not too far from home, throws up something tempestuous like Sandbanks Provincial Park did in September.

Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario – Sunset
Sandbanks Provincial Park – Sunset
Sandbanks Provincial Park – Sunset