The Trebek Initiative is Supporting Canada’s Emerging Explorers, In Honour of Alex Trebek

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The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) and the National Geographic Society (NGS) have announced the launch of The Trebek Initiative; a new grantmaking program to support and empower emerging Canadian explorers, scientists, educators and photographers who will help ignite “a passion to preserve” in all Canadians.

Building on their individual legacies, and a shared history of excellence in storytelling, exploration, science and education, the RCGS and the NGS have focused long-standing collaborative efforts to create this initiative in honour of Alex Trebek.

The late, renowned host of Jeopardy! and philanthropist had a passion for geographic literacy and supported both the RCGS (where he served as Honorary President until his passing) and the National Geographic Society.

“Alex was incredibly passionate about geographic education and exploration, believing it to be critical to understanding our planet and the impact of a changing environment. As such, lending his name to this initiative to help support the work of emerging Canadian explorers was a natural extension of his belief in the power of lifelong learning,” says Jean Trebek. “I am also personally heartened to see his memory and philanthropic legacy honoured in this way, particularly as a collaboration of these two geographical societies of which he was such an ardent supporter.”

The program will provide grants to scientists, educators, storytellers, and early-career explorers in support of expeditionary work across Canada, unveiling the unknown stories hidden from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Grant recipients will work with NGS and RCGS to potentially amplify their stories with audiences worldwide.

“The future of Canadian natural wonders relies on the actions we take today,” says John Geiger, Chief Executive Officer of the RCGS. “Our mission with The Trebek Initiative is to inspire Canadians to make lasting, positive changes for the health of our planet.”

“The National Geographic Society is honored to build on our shared legacy of storytelling, exploration, and education with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society,” said Alex Moen, Chief Explorer Engagement Officer at the National Geographic Society. “By investing in bold individuals through the Trebek Initiative, we hope to inspire the illumination and protection of our environment and the planet in every Canadian.”

The types of projects the Initiative will champion include: exploration of unique Canadian ecozones, scientific research on Canadian wildlife, wilderness or water, photographic expositions on unique Canadian geographies, or new tools to create a better understanding of our environment.

Applications have already started rolling in and will be reviewed for approval twice annually. The first applications reflect the diversity of our Canadian environment, with projects in the Arctic, Western and Eastern Canada.

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