Quantifying Nature – Jared Hanley

Episode Seven – Northern Latitudes: Find Your Way PodCast

Jared Hanley is the CEO of NatureQuant a company hoping to quantify the quantity and eventually the quality of your time outdoors. There are some interesting uses for this tech including gamification of outdoor activity, health, real estate sales and development.

NatureDose the app now in beta in the US allows is personalized nature prescription tracker that monitors your aggregate time inside, outside, and exposed to nature. Individuals track their time outdoors and in the future could be rewarded with cryptocurrency, discounted gear or just about anything else you can think of.

  • NatureDose can track a customized weekly nature prescription in minutes (a “NatureDose”)
    • Provides daily NatureDose breakdown
    • Compares week-to-week nature exposure
    • Determines approximate indoor versus outdoor time by week
  • Users can set customized weekly NatureDose targets (for example, 120 minutes per week)
  • NatureDose provides helpful tips, suggestions, and facts to optimize users’ time outdoors
  • Determine the relative amount of health-supporting nature for any location (a “NatureScore”)
    • Determines the highest NatureScore location by week

“Looking at the preeminence of nature from another perspective: it is at last, and fast becoming the fourth pillar of health and wellbeing, alongside (1) diet, (2) exercise, and (3) sleep habits.”

Thierry Malleret, Global Wellness Institute

We discuss the science behind the app and Dr. Melissa Lem’s name comes up. Dr. Lem was one of our guests in Episode Two – Nature as Nurture.

NatureDose builds on over 500 peer-reviewed scientific studies that have demonstrated clear benefits from time outdoors. Those studies show that increasing one’s time exposed to natural environments can have profound, positive health effects, from a stronger immune system and reduced anxiety in adults to better eyesight and brain development in children. In short, the studies prove that nature exposure can result in a longer, healthier, and even happier life.

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