Into the Earth – Christian Stenner

Episode Nine – Northern Latitudes: Find Your Way PodCast

Christian Stenner has been exploring caves in Canaada for almost 20 years. We talk abour what got him started, the challenges involved and the lessons learned from goaing places few people dare.

Stenner specializies in exploration of limestone and glaciovolcanic cave systems in Canada, the USA, and Mexico. He is a co-leader of the Bisaro Cave Project which was confirmed as the deepest cave in Canada. He is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and a Fellow of the Explorers Club, the society dedicated to human exploration of land, sea, air, and space.

We talk about the Bistro project which incldes Canada’s deepest cave, as well as Castleguard – Canada’s longest cave, and the cave that started it all for Stenner the charmingly named Rat’s Nest Cave.

Christian holds the Canadian Risk Management designation, a certificate in professional management with specialization in Risk Management and is currently completing a Master of Science degree in Organizational Resilience. He is a reserve officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and his civilian career is as Senior Security Advisor for an energy company where he works in security, risk management and business continuity roles.

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