Doing Hard Things – Mary Anne Ivison

Episode Ten – Northern Latitudes: Find Your Way

Mary Anne Ivison is a trusted media professional with over 12 years of experience in radio broadcasting, television, voice-over, and live-hosting. She works extensively in commercial radio, streaming audio, and advertising.”

All of the above is true. What is also true is that between the two of us my interview with her for the podcast almost went completely off the rails more than once. We both had a good time though and more than a few laughs.

In between the guffaws, we did touch on a number of topics including her various climbing adventures around the world, how nature and the outdoors helped her get through a major life challenge, her new podcast – Let’s Take This Outside, bike accidents and fishing in the crick when she was young.

We talked about some of the challenges women face when tackling the outdoors and she had a very important message for all the twelve-year-old Mary Annes out there.

You can listen to Mary Anne talk about all the cool people she hangs out with it and her potty mouth wherever you download your listening bytes and of course on Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcasts.