3 Hacks For Keeping Mosquitos Away From Your Bonfire

No other insect knows how to ruin a night under the stars quite like the mosquito. Many perfect nights around the bonfire have been thwarted by their presence. Though bug spray is always an option, there are other ways to combat the onset of mosquitoes without the use of harsh chemicals. Here are three simple ways to help ward off mosquitos from your campfire without the use of DEET.

Burn Herbs In Your Fire

Throwing some rosemary, sage, or basil on your bonfire will help banish bugs. Rather than throwing directly into the fire, have the herbs burn slowly to produce more smoke. The aromatic smoke that is created will ward off pesky insects.

Use A Natural Repellant

There are tons of DEET-free repellents on the market that work just as well. Most of them use natural oils like Eucalyptus and Lemon Oil to hone the same bug-fighting strength. Even Off carries their own version of Chemical-Free Repellent, and you can check out our top picks for all-natural repellants here.

Find Refuge In Food

Even bugs can’t stand the smell of foods like garlic and onion (and eating those foods can actually help you be a smaller target to mosquitos). Placing a string of garlic near your campfire will have almost the same effect. You can also place some cups of apple cider vinegar around your sitting circle. The smell of the vinegar will also detract pesky insects.