Klinse-Za Caribou Pt.1 – Scott McNay

The story of the Klinse-Za caribou herd in British Columbia is an unusual one. It’s unusual in that it is an environmental success story in that a herd of animals once down to just 19 individuals a decade later is up to over 120 and still growing. Another unique aspect of the project is the combining of forces and the leadership of the indigenous people in the program.

Results show the combined effort led by West Moberly First Nations and Saulteau First Nations has brought the Klinse-Za mountain caribou back from the brink of extirpation.

Scott McNay, project manager from Wildlife Infometrics and I chat about how the herd required immediate intervention in order to avoid extirpation in 2013. All of which led to a program including predator management, protective maternity penning and habitat restoration.