Cut More Than CO2 to Save Planet

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Slashing emissions of carbon dioxide by itself isn’t enough to prevent catastrophic global warming, a new study shows.

Waterton Lakes National Park expects a busy 2022 summer visitor season, and Parks Canada is asking visitors to plan ahead before visiting

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The network of protected areas administered by Parks Canada is a gateway to nature, history, and 450 000 km² of memories from coast to coast to coast. Waterton Lakes National Park…

Canada Post’s New Stamp Series Brings Awareness To Endangered Whales

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Canada Post is issuing a set of stamps this week to raise awareness about the plight of five whale species that have populations assessed as Endangered by the Committee on…

Klinse-Za Caribou Pt.1 – Scott McNay

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The story of the Klinse-Za caribou herd in British Columbia is an unusual one. It’s unusual in that it is an environmental success story in that a herd of animals…

The Canadian Government Has Committed Over $500 Million To Fight Wildfires In 2022

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The Government of Canada has announced its next steps in supporting communities hit by wildfires, including new measures for this year’s fire season and for seasons to come.  These initiatives…

Environmental Response exercise to take place on the St. Clair River, Ontario

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The Canadian Coast Guard advises the public that an Environmental Response exercise will be conducted on the St. Clair River, near Walpole Island, Ontario, on May 17, 2022. The routine exercise will…

Girl Gone Good – Vickie Lanthier

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Vickie Lanthier is a 14 yr military veteran who works as an IT consultant by day, completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2020, and runs GirlGoneGood® in…

A New Era For Tracking The Health of The Great Lakes

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If you’ve ever wondered about the health of your local river or lake, seven million open data points are now at your fingertips.   Information ranging from lake temperatures to levels…

Demand for Camping Equipment Boomed During the Pandemic, But May Continue to Rise. Here’s Why

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The pandemic has caused many markets to boom (and some to bust). Camping equipment is understandably on the rise, and reports say this boom will continue through to 2023. Here’s…

Government of Canada invests over $3 million in climate action and awareness for young Canadians

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Canadians want cleaner air and cleaner water for their children and grandchildren. When companies pollute our natural environment, they pay the price and the Government of Canada ensures that environmental good follows environmental harm by investing those fines in projects that benefit the environment.